We work closely with faculty in support of their students and on a range of faculty editing projects, including manuscripts for publication, research reports, and book chapters. Here is what they had to say about their experience:

I only have positive things to say. Sara clearly knows her stuff, which was evidenced by our discussion of the number of spaces after a period. For some this would be an inane topic, but it demonstrated her knowledge of mechanics. I especially appreciated the personal touch she brought to a process that could be very impersonal and mechanistic. Her support and encouragement of students at this point in the process is quite helpful. Having Sara do the editing helped reduce the stress, and her approach did so even more!

Gavin Henning, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Higher Education
Director of the M.S. in Higher Education Administration and Ed.D. Programs
New England College

Sara has worked with our graduate and doctoral students on theses and dissertations and has edited manuscripts and conference presentations for faculty. She has an incredibly sharp eye for detail in editing and formatting, and her APA expertise is impressive. She provides caring support and guidance to all of her clients and helps us all become more knowledgable about grammar, punctuation, and other common writing issues. We continue to refer students to Sara for coaching and editing, and we enthusiastically hire her for faculty projects!

Frank Harris III, Ed.D.
Professor, Postsecondary Education
Co-Director, Minority Male Community College Collaborative (M2C3)
San Diego State University

When a student needed an editor for their capstone project, I connected them with Sara. She was able to work with the student to finalize a manuscript that was clean and polished, and she helped highlight the student’s creative thinking and content mastery. Sara was reliable, consistent, and truly cared about the student’s success. I would highly recommend Sara to anyone needing manuscript editing or writing coaching.

Whitney McIntyre Miller, Ph.D
Assistant Professor, Graduate Leadership Programs
College of Educational Studies
Chapman University

Working with Sara has been incredibly beneficial to my graduate students. The quality of students’ papers has improved, including their ability to focus their papers, formulate ideas, and engage sources in supporting their arguments. Even more important has been the increased confidence I have witnessed in students’ recognition of their own writing abilities. As a faculty member, I have genuinely appreciated how the Heartful Editor collaboration has equipped students to fulfill our expectations for academic excellence.

Cynthia A. Wells, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Higher Education
School of Graduate Studies
Messiah College

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